Mentoring Program

Season Sponsor: Ms. Jo Chonko

The Panama City Symphony’s Mentoring Program places advanced musicians (9th grade and beyond) with a mentor who will guide and teach them and serve as an intermediary between the conductor and the rest of the orchestra. A qualified mentee will shadow an experienced player for rehearsals and concert performances, receiving high-level orchestral training in a nurturing and professional environment.  Mentees must be in good standing with their high school music programs and be endorsed by their private studio teachers. Mentorships are awarded by the Music Director and are subject to the following policies:

  • The Mentee is expected to maintain professional standards in all aspects of their participation with the PCS.
  • The Mentee is expected to be fully prepared and able to perform his/her/their part.
  • The Mentee is expected to adhere to a 15-minute call time prior to rehearsals and concerts.
  • The Mentee must have access to an instrument suitable for performance in a professional orchestra.
  • The Mentee is responsible for his/her/their music and music folder, and for properly maintained parts, including any markings deemed necessary by section leaders.

    Mentees will also receive coaching and an opportunity to perform recitals in the community.

To learn more about this program or request an audition, please contact us at