Music Education

Make Music Magic

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Season Sponsor: ReliantSouth Construction Group

Designed for our youngest audiences, Make Music Magic creates awareness and appreciation for the ‘language’ of music. This program, featuring six musicians, guides students as they listen and are given opportunities to react and share their thoughts associated with a variety of music genres.

  • Interactive singing
  • Use of motor skills with various beats and melodies
  • Imaginative exercises
  • Discover how music can express emotion and connect them to others

Schools visited with this program include:

  • Callaway Elementary
  • Tommy Smith Elementary
  • Patterson Elementary
  • Bacot Academy

Discovering Music

Grades 3-5

Season Sponsor: Allstate Construction

Symphony organizations have long noted the need to have music education specific to early education, effecting improved math and language skills, improved test scores, heightened listening skills and increased creativity.

Featuring an ensemble of up to ten musicians, Discovering Music takes an expanded approach to explore the ‘ingredients’ of music. To engage curious young minds, the Panama City Symphony conductor and musicians demonstrate the distinctive attributes of their instruments and how they serve as the ‘recipe’ for creating a full musical performance.

  • Active listening to discover how music is built
  • Individual instrument demonstrations
  • Learn how melody can connect the senses
  • Narrated story / Interactive learning

Schools that have experienced Discovering Music include:

  • Callaway Elementary
  • Tommy Smith Elementary
  • Vernon Elementary
  • Kate Smith Elementary
  • Bay County Public Library

PCS music education programming is sponsored or grant-funded and available at no costs to schools. 

For more information on this program or have your school added to the list for future performances, please contact us.